Dubstep Song Creation Programs

Are you seeking professional advice on what is the best Dubstep production platform?

Thousands of experienced engineers and newcomer music makers are all banging out some awesome Dubstep using only desktop applications.

There are a multitude of capable programs out there that can be used to produce Dubstep, but it can be a confusing task trying to identify which program would be most suitable for you.

Initial Questions

Depending on what you want to do with your music, is going to influence your decision on what program you choose for music production. Don’t be too concerned over what program some popular DJ is using, because in reality, there are a number of generic applications that can achieve the same results.

1. Online - You may find some drum sequencers online to program some very basic beats, but that is about as far as you are going to get with it. Forget it. Perhaps you can import some sounds and even export a low quality MP3, but this is it. Amateur level.

2. Download - There is one great program available for immediate download to get your started straight away, named BTV Solo. This is the only downloadable program recommended, the others just do not cut it for dubstep production.

3. Packages - Many of the expensive, professional grade programs will come in a boxed package that include the discs to be installed, with the instruction manuals and warranty etc.

Some of the above options have been reviewed below, to assist you in making an informed decision as to what software is right for you to make Dubstep.

1. BTV Solo

The most likable aspects of BTV Solo are the facts that you can get it online through the manufacturer’s website as a download package and that is is so much cheaper than other alternatives.

You don’t have to wait for a package to be delivered and due to the unique platform design, almost anyone can figure out how to utilize all the functions; where the rival applications can be very difficult to master.

When you can get an original version downloaded straight from the designer’s website, it makes for a popular program in this, the modern age of computers. Now, the built-in loops and samples are very cool, but there are additional packages that can be downloaded through the official website. It should be noted that it is much cheaper to get such add-ons from the start when you get your main package.

The export quality is great and is an easy task to complete, making it possible to quickly get your tracks out there either online or mixed into a live set.

  • Suitable For Dubstep & Other Genres
  • Great For Beginners To Intermediates
  • Export High Quality .wav and .mp3
  • Get It On Mac and PC
  • Immediate Download
  • Priced at $39.95

 Click The Button To Visit The Official Website



2. Logic Studio

Most like to say that this is the choice of some of the large branded DJs that perhaps you might know. Though really, it is one or two of the plug-ins that are used for Dubstep production and the rest of the tracks are made in simpler programs, as above.

The sequencer is very difficult to use, so most don’t create tracks from start to finish – they just use the effects etc. Being the software that you would find in a typical, professional recording studio, spending all that money on this program just to make digital music seems like a bit of a waste to me. But if you do have the money to spare, it would be a very powerful tool in your dance music creation arsenal.

The program is a full-on studio application and can be employed to record highly produced pop music, with vocals and live instruments. The results that are seen with live drums, bass guitars and vocals are amazing, though when you actually figure out how to utilise the beat sequencer, some wicked tracks are sure to follow.

  • Very Powerful Studio Suite
  • High Level Of Experience Needed
  • Great Plug-ins and effects
  • Made For Apple only
  • Professional Grade Program
  • Priced at $449.00


3. Ableton Live

Ableton is a very capable program when it comes to making dance, jungle, grime, dubstep and hip hop.  All these electronic genres can be done on a professional level, as the standard sounds, samples and instruments built-in are second to none.

However, like Logic, it is quite difficult to operate and will take much time to master. For those of you with some kind of experience with similar software, you will be able to get some spectacular results, but be prepared to spend many hours sifting through all the online support to get it sorted.

  • Great For All Electronic Genres
  • A Number Of Cool Built-In Instruments
  • Medium to High Level Of Experience
  • Get Mac and PC Versions
  • Priced at $499.00


4. Propellerhead Reason

Reason is in a very similar boat to Ableton, whereas it is not very useful for creating anything else other than digital music. But hey, that is what you are here for!

Again, some very powerful plug-ins and some wicked sample packs that are factory fitted, make Reason a popular selection for many hip-hop and dance DJs. Personally, this take the prize over the previous program above, as some of the highest selling rap beats have been produced here. I know we are talking about a different genre, but that is saying something.

The lower price makes this a better choice over Ableton, though where do you draw the line for value for money, when comparing it to the first program.

  • Powerful Digital Sequencer
  • Intermediate Skill Level
  • Get Great Add-on packages
  • Both Mac and PC Versions
  • Priced at $299.00
The Explosion

The industry has become extremely profitable for DJs spinning Dubstep, now in commercial clubs worldwide and especially for those creating and selling their own tracks. You can now see that their are many sequencers that you could deploy to make your own tracks, though all those factors need to be considers.

Think about your experience, your budget, your available time and the level that you want to take your original music to.

Start making yours today.


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The Early Days of Dubstep Music

Since the early days of electronic music it seems that the bar had to be pushed to the limits. From pure electro to industrial-psycho the diversity within the “electronic genre” has evolved exponentially. As we march into our second decade of the 2000’s, there is one trend within the electronic movement that has definitely etched its way into the main stream; DubStep.

Where it comes from?

Logically we might assume that Dubstep was born from combining “dub” and “2-step”. Yet if we would come to this conclusion we would be wrong. Dub originally was created in Jamaica roughly around the 60’s. To make some sense out of the genre we can call Dub the “trippier” cousin to Reggae itself, with delayed guitar effects, deep bass rhythms and a whole lot of echo. Yet “Dubstep” today has absolutely nothing to do with Dub at all.

In reality Dubstep first made its way onto the South London music scene in 1998 when DJ’s sought to mix “2-step garage” with other different musical elements like “Drum and Bass” and “breakbeat”. Even though this primal version of Dubstep was not yet “dubbed” it was the birth of a genre that would engulf the entire world.

When it became Dubstep?

The term “Dubstep” only really became popular in 2002 after record labels like Big Apple and Tempa began circulating the term. It was then when DJ’s began to remix popular songs and converting them into unique “dubstep” sensations, which in turn caught the attention of mainstream radio which pushed this dark grimy genre right into the eardrums of the world.

Songs from popular musicians such as Bob Marley and Katy Perry have been converted into Dubstep Covers over time. The genre expanded its borders to even include songs from classic games like Zelda’s “Ocarina of Time” remixed done by JoeyVerbeke .

Today Dubstep is one of the most searched terms on Youtube with some videos ranging into the 30 million view marker. Within a decade of its birth it seems that Dubstep has become a favorite within the electronic genre and is here to stay.

The Future of Dubstep?

In order to accurately predict the lifespan of a particular genre is quite difficult, especially due to the fact that through technology new genres are created almost daily. Dubstep has definitely been on an exponential growing spree for the past ten years and as of 2011 was a phenomenal year for the popularity of the genre itself.

With Youtube Legends like Mike Diva and Corridor Digital using Dubstep as the soundtrack to their videos the genre seems to have a bright future in both musical and video entertainment. The music by itself gives ample opportunity for growth as it still is very young in nature and it is expected that Dubstep will be able to solidify its position within electronic music that rivals that of Psycho and Drum and Bass.

One thing is for sure; if we analyze the growth of Dubstep over the past decade we can safely assume that Dubstep will still be around and popular for another decade or so until a new and improved subgenre is born. Yet for now we can sit back and enjoy witnessing the evolution of this genre happen right before our very eyes.


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Getting Your DJ On

There are many people that aspire to become DJ’s, they look out at the icons of the industry and dream to entrance the masses. Due to massive technological advances becoming a DJ, at least regarding gear is not too difficulty. The talent and creativity will ultimately be the factor that launches you to new plains of musical existence, or convert you into the closet DJ that lives in his parent’s basement.

What’s in a name?

Deadmau5 is a classic example of a memorable DJ name

I believe even more important than software and hardware, though essential, a name is the first and foremost important aspect of a DJ. Obviously the name must reflect the type of music you’ll play, it must be easy to remember, and it must “look cool”. Names like “Infected Mushroom,” “DeadMau5” and even “OakenFold” have broken out of just electro music and actually have become Superstars world wide, selling out concerts wherever they go.
The name is incredibly important because everything you do from the moment you launch to the moment you put your turntables down for good, will be connected to your brand, so choose wisely.


The next thing on the list of the Basic DJ Set Up comes down to gear. The strip yourself down to the bare essentials all you really need is a decent computer and a lot of software, but that just won’t look as cool as having turntables and so forth. Below I compiled a list of things that could be purchased on a small budget and that will give you at least some sense of “being a DJ”:

• Computer
• Mixer (2 channel is fine, more is better)
• Studio Headphones
• Ipod

The list could go on but in reality the physical gear varies greatly from DJ to DJ. In all seriousness, all that a beginner DJ requires are what was listed above with the adequate software. Many other DJ’s that have more experience might scoff at this list, but if you are barely breaking into the industry you won’t want to dish out thousands of dollars on something that you aren’t completely sure about. Obviously as technology advances, access to cheaper more effective gear becomes a greater possibility.


You will also have ample opportunity to pick and choose your software that best reflects your style. Currently the most popular production platform program used by most DJ’s is “Cubase” yet the price tag will scare most of the beginner DJ’s right away. For that you could always delve into other cheaper programs such as Acid Pro, FL Studio and Reason.

Most people generally start with simple beat programs such as FL Studio which will show you exactly beat for beat, measure for measure how to construct your own loops and create complex songs.
Once more the combination of Software will ultimately come down to your style and to your budget. Yet most DJ’s will agree to start small and work your way up since both the gear and the software can cost quite a lot of money.


The final problem a DJ might face is finding a venue to play at. There are many “open nights” where inexperienced DJ’s can take the stage, but if this jump is too big for you, you could always start small at house parties or school events. Youtube is also a great way to break into the exciting world of DJing.


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